I created this blog to help close friends and loved ones improve all aspects of their health by following aspects of the ancestral,  primal and paleolithic diets, which mimic the way our ancestors, the hunter-gatherers, ate.

This change in lifestyle was triggered when my mother, a highly cognitive and smart woman, starting to suffer physical and mental deterioration in the form of memory loss.  That event kick-started a long journey that has transformed our lives for the better.  The changes wrought in her, me and others, who pleaded for help once they saw our successes, have been nothing less than extraordinary

I’ll be sharing my journey, including research and insights from various sources. I’ll be using first-hand accounts from people I helped to illustrate why the ancestral diet is an optimal way to health.

Before stumbling across primal/paleo I under-estimated the impact that food had, both positive and negative, on our physical and mental well-being.  I no longer make this mistake and this blog, in addition to other great sources out there that I will be referencing, will help you see why.

A note though…though the main focus of this blog will be about health in all its different manifestations (skin care, hair, stress, sleep, etc..), my interests range from films to travel to politics and so I will occasionally veer off and write about those subjects as well.  Enjoy!

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